Life of an Angler-First Day Out

Hey folks! As you may have noticed, I took ANOTHER break recently lol, sorry. I am coming back with something new and fresh. Instead of doing the Daily Angler, I am going to be doing a daily post where I talk freely on what happened during the day, fishing related or not. It will be more personal, and hopefully more entertaining. They will be called “Life of an Angler”. Today’s will be my first one!

Today I did some homework, and went to the gym. While working out I listened to an episode of the Meateater podcast by Steven Rinella. The specific episode I listened to was Episode 82 ‘Whitetail Freaks’. I don’t hunt but I still love this podcast, as it is mainly about hunting but it has some great fishing content as well. I came home to the news of Omori winning the Bassmaster Elite, congrats to him! He won 100 000 bucks, that’s a pretty cool lifestyle if you can win consistently. Apparently he’s made over 2 million dollars throughout his fishing career. The idea of pro bass fishing has always fascinated me, as a Canadian, it isn’t really something we are raised to follow, but I have recently been paying attention. It’s wild how people can make money doing something as awesome as bass fishing.

Well that’s the first installment of “Life of an Angler”, I hope you liked it! Talk to you tomorrow!

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