The Angler’s Wish List: Christmas 2017

With Christmas a week away, or less depending on when you read this, I have compiled for you a list of great gifts you could buy the angler in your life. On this list, you will find gifts for fly fishing, bass fishing, ice fishing, and fly tying! Click on the name of the gifts in the list to open the link to the product!

  1. Loop Opti Fly Reel: These Swedish reels look awesome. I would love to try one of these, and I’m sure the angler in your life would to! They have a distinctive “L” shape so everyone knows your using Loop!
  2. Orvis Classic Landing Net: This net is made out of beautiful wood, and ‘wood’ be  a great gift for the holidays! (sorry for the pun). It is between 60-70$, and can be bought online.
  3. AP Bassin’s Absolute Casting Rod: I chose AP Bassin’s rod but in all honesty, I think all of the Googans’ rods are pretty sick! Pick your favorite one, but I would try and buy in-store as their website says they may not be delivered for Christmas.
  4. Googan Squad Merch: In keeping with the Googan theme, their merch would be a great gift, you could buy hats, shirts, jackets, and even pre-order a tackle bag! These guys are the biggest fishing YouTubers so, if you know an angler, they’re bound to know about these dudes!
  5. Redington i.D: This neat reel allows the angler to customize their reel face. Until December 18th you can get 3 free decals, and 2-day shipping!
  6. Lunkerhunt Prop Series: Some new topwater lures from Lunkerhunt that feature prop technology. For 9 bucks each, it makes a great stocking stuffer!
  7. Renzetti Master Vise: This vise comes with a price, but if you’re looking for a big gift, that will last years of fly tying, this is a great gift!

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