Banish All Bobbers!

You might be wondering “why is this guy so passionate about bobbers?” but hear me out. No, I don’t believe that we should eliminate all bobbers as they do serve a purpose. I just think that they might be the reason fishing isn’t as popular as it should be. Throughout my life fishing, I have noticed a trend that seems to be quite common, at least in North America. This trend is that people who are fishing for the first-time seem to always be fishing with bobbers while more experienced anglers are rarely seen with those red and white floating balls.

Whenever I tell a non-angler that I love fishing, they almost always say to me “I like fishing but I don’t have the patience”. Lately, this statement has been bothering me and has prompted me to try to figure out why everyone says this. Whenever I go fishing I never feel like I am employing patience. I also don’t use bobbers too often. I realized these people had probably never thrown a crankbait through smallie territory, eased a dry fly onto a trout, or finessed a senko through a largemouth infested weed bed. They most likely used a bobber with a hook and live worm tied a couple feet down. I realized we had two completely different definitions of fishing. Their definition is sitting in a boat or on a bank wait for the fish to come to them, mine is going after the fish. I believe the reason my definition is more fun for people is because it a) connects you with the fish, and b) makes you actually put in effort for the fish. This being said, I think that whenever we bring a someone fishing for the first time, we should let them use some more “involved” lures. Let them use whatever lures you are using.

If we all did this, I think that more people would continue fishing after their first experiences with the sport. Maybe this isn’t really a problem in places where fishing is more popular but here in the city, it is a very common perspective on fishing.



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