Daiwa Neko Plastic Review

By: xbassmasterx

    On a change of pace, let’s get away from the philosophy behind fishing as my past articles have been and submit a review.
    Daiwa recently teamed up with Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits and designed a new neko rig soft plastic. It was released a few months ago and I’m sure that many tackle shops have had it on the shelves by now. It’s a black packaging that stands out with a Gary Yamamoto logo.

    What makes it special?:

It honestly looks like a normal senko with a small crevace towards the end of the bait. It broadens out a little after the indent to form a unique looking tail on a proven stick worm body. It might not look a whole lot better than a normal senko, after all it is supposed to be fished with a neko rig as a normal senko is. A little testing really makes this bait stand out from the rest. Using it as it is intended will bring you good results with semi-subtle action coming from the tail that pairs well with the intended rig. It really shines when you weightless wacky rig it. The sinking rate of this bait with a normal weightless hook is far faster than a normal senko, dinger, or the offbrand bass pro “stick-o”. It helps when in backwaters trying to get the bait down quicker without impeding the action with a weight. It can even help in some waves and current because the rate of fall is suprisingly different from a normal senko type bait. I definelty recommend this bait if you want to try something different than your normal stick bait or trick worm for neko rigs and wacky rigs.

    What Size/Color choices are there?: 

I have got my hands on a few sample packs and bought several packages as well. The bait comes in a 5″ Neko FAT, which is basically the size of a normal stick worm. There are also two skinnier sizes, 5.8 and 6.5″ Neko Straight. I prefer the Neko FAT but I got more use out of that than any of the others. My go to color would be Green Pumpkin Black Flake and they have 10 colors out including Black Blue Flake, Watermelon Red Flake, Blue Pearl Silver Flake and Watermelon Cream. They come 10 to a pack for any of the three sizes.

    How much?:

The bags go for $7.49 USD on Tackle Warehouse and at many local tackle shops. 


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