Fly Tying Journal Part One: Time Flies When You’re Tyin’ Flies

No, this isn’t a new instalment of the Fly Fishing Journal. This is something new! The FFJ is still alive and well but it has a new brother: The Fly Tying Journal! So let’s begin!

I figured a great winter activity I could get into would be fly tying. It’s fishing related, indoors, and I can do it whenever I want. Great for the winter! Well I’m impatient so I’ve decided to start now, in July. I bought a $100 fly tying kit, it came with all the tools (including a vice), some spools of thread, feathers, fibres, and hooks. The basics. Oh! And a book! The book has a bunch of different flies listed, and the materials needed. 

To start, I went straight to YouTube. Aside: YouTube is great for learning, we are extremely lucky to have access to such great information. So yeah, I searched fly tying for beginners and was given thousands of videos ranging from the very basics of the tools, to instructional vids! The first video I clicked was a great instructional vid for tying the Woolley Worm. So, that was the first fly I ever tied! Since then, I have tied a couple more Woolley Worms, a couple attempted Adams, a bivisible, and a Marabou Streamer! 

That’s what going on with my fly tying project as of now. I plan on starting to sell some flies on etsy and such! Details will come! 

Here are a few pics of the flies I have tied:

All photos edited by @gngediting on Instagram and Twitter!


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