Fly Fishing Journal: Part Twelve…Fly Fishing The Adirondacks

Finally! It happened! I caught my first trout on the fly! It happened a couple of weeks ago, if you are Canadian, it was Victoria Day weekend. My dad and I went down to the Ausable river in New York. I fished Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I fished for about six hours, and caught nothing. I was throwing a dry dropper all day, no nibbles. I started fishing Sunday at around 8 with a dry dropper, clearly I don’t learn from my mistakes. Still nothing. At around 11 am I clued in and realized that maybe I should switch up my setup. To switch it up, I tied on a white wet fly. Within a couple casts, I got my first bite! It was awesome, the trout emerged from the darkness of the pool to take my fly. It didn’t take. I let the fly drift a bit more, the fish went for it again. Fish on! After landing this beauty of a brown trout, I felt so relieved and proud of myself. After that I caught a tiny rainbow trout. I caught two new species so I was pretty pumped! 


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