Troutsavers: Improving Fly Fishing One Trout At a Time

Troutsavers is an organization dedicated to the conservation of trout. They sell their hats to give back to the fly fishing community! If you are looking for a new fly fishing hat, buy one of theirs it’s a win-win, you get a hat, and better fishing for the future!

Q: In a few sentences, explain to the readers what Troutsavers is all about.

A: We imagine a world where most people actually value time spent with a fly rod and are mindful about the health of our environment. We are bringing our vision of the world to life by connecting with clubs, organizations, and inspired individuals all over the world that share similar beliefs. Through partnerships, media outlets, and ultimately the sale of quality products, we have begun to build a brand. That brand is called Trout Savers.

Q: What is the best thing an Angler can do out on the river to ensure they are keeping the environment safe?

A: There are certainly a number of tangible things all anglers should be environmentally conscious of while on the river, things like packing out trash and avoiding felt bottom waders. Our belief relies on the idea that just by bringing yourself of the couch, going outside and actually fishing, you are naturally going to be more deeply connected to the planet through fishing and are likely going to be more environmentally aware and conscious. With our vision in mind, the one thing you can do on the water with the most impact would be to bring a friend with you, or two.

Q: How do you guys use the money you raise? 

A: Currently any money that comes through Trout Savers goes one of two ways. We either give money directly to environment organizations that have proven to share a similar purpose or we use money to support our website and product development. So far we have been able to contribute over 20% of total sales to conservation, In our first year the bulk of donations went to the Clark Fork Coalition and the Eight Gr8 Trout Streams Campaign out of Missoula, MT. With a match from Orvis and other funders, each monetary donation is tripled when gifted to the Clark Fork Coalition allowing the purchase of every Trout Savers hat to make an even bigger impact!

Q: What does the future look like for Troutsavers as an organization?

A: To this day 100% of Trout Savers work internally has been volunteer, we imagine that soon we will have to support full or part time salary to bring us closer to the world we believe in.

Q: Why did you guys start Troutsavers in the first place? 

A: My brother Mike and I want to contribute to the world in a positive way. I think our inspiration comes from a similar place, one that feels that our world can be so isolating at times through the increases in modern technology. We feel that our world’s increasing lack of human interaction and connection to the outdoors may be causing us (society) to be missing the bigger picture. As the ideas of Trout Savers emerged, we thought that if we can deliver positivity through fly fishing and help people reconnect to our environment and each other, then we will be successful.

Q: Where can people buy your hats?

A: Right now hats are only available to organizations that we are partnered with and online at  

Kevin Small (Co-Founder)
Mike Small (Co-Founder)

One Of Their Hats

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