Fly Fishing Journal: Part Eleven NEW ROD

I said I’d buy a new rod, and I did! I decided to buy myself a St. Croix Rio Santo. It is a four piece, 9 foot, 6 weight rod. Evidently, a very diverse rod. I plan on fishing mainly for bass, and trout, nothing too big! After taxes, the rod cost me $180 and that is considered CHEAP! I think it was well-worth the money. It was either the Rio Santo or a Redington, I chose the RS because it came with a soft carry case. I think a case is important because it protects the rod from damage such as the tragedy of a broken rod tip. I now have two fly fishing rods in my collection, maybe I should buy another reel to balance it out haha. I think I may buy some more flies before the season starts. Also, I will probably be going fly fishing some time in May if all goes as planned, fingers crossed! 

Also, we will be releasing the Troutsavers interview for all of you trout anglers, and conservationists!

Photos edited by @gngediting on Instagram!


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