Luck of the Irish 

Well, the last two weeks have been embarrassing. For those of you that read these, you probably noticed that I didn’t upload last week. I apologize, I was fishing. Emphasis on fishing, not catching. I’ve been fishing throughout the past two-ish weeks quite a bit, maybe not as much as I’d like but definitely as much as I can handle with everything else going on. I haven’t caught anything of worth lately. Last weekend I went out with my wife, a friend, and another friend and her kids which made for an interesting day. The weather looked promising but turned out later to drop 30ish degrees and we had to leave eariler than I had wanted. Only one of us caught a fish and it was a decent shad. Yesterday was a long day. My buddies Nick, Robby and I got picked to go on this “guided” trip through The Fallen Outdoors who are a non-profit organization on the east coast that are mostly made up of Veterans and do alot of cool outdoors stuff for other veterans and whatnot. We had a blast. I don’t want to say too much about yesterday because I did bring my GoPro in hopes that yesterday could be possibly the makings of my first YouTube videos. But what I will say is that I didn’t catch anything. None of us did. It was a rather expensive trip for me even though I didn’t have to pay anything. All in all I ended up breaking a pole in half and lost a nice knife. I was salty. Oh well, we still had a blast. But speaking of my YouTube videos. I have no idea when I’ll be able to post it because I literally have no idea what I’m doing and on top that I uploaded the clips to my computer which might have killed it. Which is expensive to fix so…..yeah. 

Sorry for not posting last week guys but let me know what you guys think and don’t forget to share! Thanks for the read! 


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