Prostaff a good thing or bad?

Every year in the fishing business a great new product comes along and the company needs to get the word out. What better way than to get someone trying to break into the game to help you along the way. Its basically free advertising for them and the newb gets a little discount on the back end. Now don’t get me wrong I do fish tournaments and I do promote myself as a pro staff for certain companies. I do not promote for the big companies but chose to aline myself with upstart companies that at the end of the day are going to help the little guy out as a thanks for helping them. There is always the debate is a pro staff good or bad and are you really pro staff? I’ll start with the second part. It should really read out promotional staff because at the end of the day you are actually promoting  a product. I by no means a pro fisherman and do not promote myself that way but i do promote a product and will help out the companies that look out for the little guy. Being part of a company that grows as you grow brings a great satisfaction to me and will always be proud to do it. Now lets get back to that first part. Like i said previously usually companies will give someone a discount code or have a program in place for you to buy a certain amount of product to promote and I get that but it shouldn’t break the bank. I do understand that you need to own product to promote but how much is enough? What I also don’t like about big company promotion is that they keep a lot of profit for themselves and could care less about the little guy as long as they are rocking there 80k cars and luxury yachts. While being a pro staff member for a big company maybe an awesome thing to some, I myself look forward to promoting for the small guys and help them grow as I grow!

“I go fishing to lose myself not look for myself”



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