Scratch post

Ok. So. My weekend has been insane and I have yet to put line in water since I’ve been apart of this blog. I arrived to Las Vegas today working off of literally zero sleep for the past two days. I’m probably just going to go on a rant.

Rant– I hate how unbelievably hard it is to get people to coordinate permissions or just general guidance for hunting and fishing. I don’t understand why it’s that hard to help someone that’s asking for helpful tips and general guidance about hunting and fishing. No joke. A friend and I were so desperate to find some hunting/fishing land that we were going to random farmers land and asking permission. After countless rejections, lies, and almost getting shot at we didn’t have any luck. The best help that I’ve received is through the bait shop or Google maps. What the risk for a local to help someone that seriously wants to enjoy the outdoor world? I mean, I’m not looking for someone’s secret spots by any means but just some simple tactics and popular fishing spots. I don’t know. I want to hear for you guys and your view. Let me know what you guys think and I apologize for the scrub post. I’ll write next Sunday! 


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