An Army Of Anglers

For our first interview of the year we interviewed Angling Army. If you don’t know who they are, you will by the end of the interview! Follow them on Instagram @anglingarmy

FP: Give us a brief overview of what Angling Army is all about.

AA: Angling Army is an Instagram page made with the intent of sharing photos of bass from and with people passionate about bass fishing. 

FP: How was Angling Army started?

AA: Angling Army was started in April of 2016, by myself (Jacob Masterson) and a friend that no longer participates (he quit around 5k)

FP: Currently, on your site you guys only have topwater frogs, what’s next?

AA: Currently we only sell topwater frogs, but soon we will sell jerkbaits, poppers, small Swimbaits, and a variety of soft plastics as well as possibly terminal tackle

FP: Recently, you’ve been asking your followers to join the Angling Army. Describe what it means to be a member of the Angling Army. 

AA: When you join the #anglingarmy, you join a team of dedicated anglers that are all about bass fishing. Everyone that joins the team gets a discount code for everything on my website, and your discount % can increase based on how well you promote the #anglingarmy. If you catch a lot of fish with our stuff, take photos of them, and promote us well we will eventually send free tackle with one of your orders.

FP: How long have you been making bass lures?

AA: Honestly, I’ve only been “making” bass lures for the past two weeks. I’ve made a fairly decent popper that still needs hooks, a line tie, and a clear waterproof coat. Other than that I’ve only fooled around with making spooks. I use tools such as belt sanders, circle sanders, a jig saw, a band saw, and a router in my old man’s wood shoppe.

FP: How long does it take you to make one frog?

AA: The frogs aren’t made by me. The frogs are bought wholesale and then sold for only a small % more. That way I can break even and make some money for giveaways, and my followers can get mid range quality tackle for cheap. 

FP: If you could look into a crystal ball and see the future, what would you see when it comes to Angling Army? Ex: Clothing? Sponsorships? etc.

AA: I can definitely see a clothing line for angling Army, but it would have to be nice stuff that I would wear. No cheap, ugly shirts that people design just for the purpose of making a profit.

FP: Is Angling Army your main job? 

AA: Along with angling, I also have a love for social media. I hope by growing AnglingArmy I get a lot of experience that could help me in a possibility of a future career as an influencer. There’s no way I could even consider AnglingArmy a job…I don’t make money from it. What little I do is usually put back into the page in the form of giveaways, etc. I work with my old man on the weekends, he owns a carpentry business. I’m often stuck drooling at the lake all day and not allowed to fish, since most of his jobs are multi million dollar lakeside houses. 
Coming Soon: 

Edited by @gngediting on Instagram

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