So this is my first attempt at a solid contribution to the rapidly growing world of fishing. Yes folks, I to, am an avid man of the waters. My angling endeavors across the Lone Star State of Texas are nothing short of legendary. 

Ok, enough of the bull. Last Saturday I set on a voyage to the local city park of Live Oak outside of San Antonio, Texas. (See Photos) I had been doing my research and noticed there were regular stocking of rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and catfish so I decided to mark this spot off the checklist. I walked around the pond and after working water along the banks and near structure. After throwing every possible bait I had (topwater frogs,poppers,jigs,swimbaits,cranks,) on every rig I could possibly remember I decided the pond was full and I had to wait a few weeks til the water got warmer. Til then!