Well. Here I am. Might as well start off with an introduction. I’m 22 years of age. Grew up in northern Minnesota where fishing and hunting was plentiful. Most of the time I took for granted until I joined the military and got stationed in North Carolina. Things went from I could walk to the nearest lake and catch anything from a northern pike to bass. Now, here in NC, the public water systems and hunting land is scarce. You can find some decent place to go to if you don’t mind driving two hours and know someone that will give you a few tips n tricks. Fishing for me went from catching panfish to eat, to catching “brim” to use as bait to catch bigger fish. 

Right now in NC it’s kind of the slow season, but in early March the shad will start to run which means the start of my fishing season. Over Christmas break I decided to start a “fishing company”. I’m super excited and eager to see where the takes me in life. And I hope that this is the start of something awesome. 



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