Tips For A New High School Angler Part 3

I you are new to this series, please go back to the beginning so you can see the other tips I have shared, and what my intentions are with writing this series. Thank you 🙂

7. Don’t Be A Hot Shot
Chances are, as a new angler, you have competition strongly outweighing you. There is the struggle of not getting on a boat, especially on a large team of anglers.(20+) This can be very frustrating, especially when the guys are out there catching fish and you can’t even start to show your fishing style. It is normal to feel that you are being left out of the team, because in some sense you actually are. The anglers that are competing have proven themselves over the years they have been on the team. It is also likely they have a lot more knowledge about the fishing that is happening compared to you. It can all be very hard to take in, especially as you may have been in a club prior to high school and probably were the best in the club. This is not an excuse to get frustrated. Don’t go acting like you rule the team, and that you know everything about what is going on. I have seen it first hand and it is disrespectful and annoying. Now instead of getting fed up with the possibility of having to wait a year or two as you get better and smarter about fishing, use your time there wisely. Take the time to go to every meeting, and every tournament. This way the entire club gets to know your face, gets to know who you are, and sees that you are committed and ready to put in the effort. This makes you stand out in front of the crowd of the next years anglers. It is also good to give some respect to those anglers who are fishing. I am willing to bet that 90% of the anglers on your team are really nice guys and with some respect, you can learn from them. And if they are willing to help you out, they will. Most of the guys would be pleased to help you through the team. There are some “bad eggs” but there are people like that in every walk of life. Just show them respect and don’t do what they did in the future. Chances are that “bad egg” is still a hot shot and not a much better angler than yourself. So if you want payback later, you will catch a good one right in front of the coach and him…just a matter of time.:) Make sure to realize those anglers are there because they love the sport just as much as you, and before you know it, you will be right in their spot. And always remember to treat the new guys with respect, because soon they will be filling your shoes, and you don’t want to scare someone with so much passion away from the sport you both love. So in all, wait your turn to be the best and don’t panic when you see a new team. It all just takes commitment and although you may not notice it, the commitment actually makes you a better angler.

8. Don’t Break The Bank
I am guilty of using every penny I have to purchase the most high quality gear I can buy. I throw cranks from $9-$26 and I use combos worth over $450. I justify myself as insane when it comes to buying tackle. I love the expensive stuff because I get a little more sensitivity and a different action that lets me stand out from the other lines in the water. This doesn’t mean it is worth it. I am a finesse fisherman that cannot take it when I miss a bite because of a lack of sensitivity, or a bad hookset. This is the way I fish. Since I have experience with this, I’m telling you NOT to do it. A good combo is a BPS rod and reel or something no more than $200. That is enough sensitivity for you to feel bites on just about any lure you throw. It allows you to be flexible with your money and still have a good combo to fish with for your tournaments. I think the misconception comes in when we talk about the better gear. The base price gear is good stuff that will bring in fish. Just look at a KVD Squarebill for a minute. It is a work horse that is used by everyone. Yes, it has flaws, but it works well and is super cheap. This is what you need. Do not pay attention to the pros with their high price baits they are marketing to you. That is their job, and yes they work well, but its not a whole lot different than anything else out there. The price tag gets bigger when you fix minor imperfections. That is where you might feel the bait is so much better it is worth spending all the money in your piggy bank for. Trust me when I say, you can catch a winning bag on $10 worth of Walmart tackle. I’m not saying that the expensive stuff is a hoax, it is better. But for a high school angler, it is not worth your time to pay the big bucks on. There is not a lot of explanation here, just don’t feel the need to buy the greatest gear. You will find exceptions as you go along in your life as to what you need to pay good money for. But don’t think that just because you have better stuff, you will catch more fish. It is all about the knowledge. If you have any questions of what to buy for a reasonable price, post them in the comments below and I will get to them as soon as possible. Just learn to not be like me and get caught up with the little things worth a lot of money, because they will drive you crazy, and empty your wallet.

Thank you for reading and be sure to look for the next article in this series. I appreciate everyone reading this, and hopefully you learned something. Thank you once again. 🙂


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