Fishing Youtubers To Look Out For In 2017

This is a list of the fishing YouTube channels that I am most excited to watch this year! The list is in no particular order, click the name of the channel to go to their page. Leave a comment saying who your favourite youtubers are! 

  1. 1luredoesitall: This guy currently has 747 subscribers. He posts a few times a week, so he is very frequent. He has good potential with around 200 views per video. Definitely worth checking out. 
  2. Wish4Fish: This is not a new channel, nor is it small. It is already very successful but the reason it is on this list is because this year seems to be the year where Ken takes his channel to the next level. He forecasted the year in this video: Big Announcements. After watching the video you will understand why he will have such a big year. 
  3. Rian A. Angling: This channel has got one video so far so it is brand new. I see great potential for this guy, his vlog reminds me of an apbassin type vlog. His video is about 8 minutes long which is the perfect length for a vlog. He plans on trying to upload weekly. Go subscribe NOW so you can say you were one of his original fans when he blows up. 
  4. Jose El Bassador: Jose has 66 subscribers. This guy catches some nice bass! He made his first video six months ago and has made 31 more since. 
  5. The New Fly Fisher: This channel posts their fly fishing TV episodes in full length. They have a new season coming soon! They are frequently featured on our Daily Angler.
  6. Trout Hunting New Zealand: The fly fisherman who makes the videos catches trout in some of the most picturesque rivers and streams! It is a great channel to see what New Zealand fly fishing is all about!
  7. Pancakes And Bassin’: PnB is a great channel if you like bass fishing. They haven’t posted a vid in a while because their computer was broken. I talked to Josh and he says that they will be back up and running soon. He said they might vlog the Bassmaster Classic, so look out for that!
  8. Tight Lines Fishing: These guys are going to go hard this year, I can almost feel the potential these guys have. They will just keep growing, they might even get an FP interview by the end of the year!
  9. 618 Fishing: A fairly large channel with 50 000 subs but it should definitely be bigger. My prediction is that by the end of the year, this guy will have more than double the subs he has now!
  10. Bass Hole: Shane from Bass Hole has 2000 subs and is poised for an even better year this year, he’s got merch, he does giveaways, and an all-around great youtuber!
  11. DALLMYD: DALLMYD has over a million subscribers and is absolutely killing it! Not only should you watch what he does on YouTube but also, all of the new things he will be doing in general! He has some great opportunities ahead for 2017!
  12. CRT Fishing: CRT do great fishing montages! They still have under 100 subs so it will be interesting to watch them grow in 2017!


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