Fly Fishing Journal Part Ten: Looking Forward to a New Year

I am officially in year 2 of my fly fishing adventure! I have decided to go deep into learning everything I can about the sport this year. Last year was the basics, now I’m going to start going hard. I want to know everything there is to know about fly fishing. The first thing I’m going to learn about is the fly rod. I need to buy one this spring so I plan on doing a lot of research. I want to get an Orvis fly rod but only if it is 200$ or less. If I can’t get a good price I think I’m going to look at getting a St. Croix Rio Santo. I’m going to try to get an 8.5 foot or a 9 foot rod. I got a bunch of new flies at Christmas as well as a fly box so I’m all set in that department. I’ll probably change the leader and tippet on my line some time this spring. Overall, it’s going to be a year of me experimenting and trying new things to help improve my game. 
Photo edited by @gngediting


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