DALLMYD’s Mighty Million

Yesterday, in the wee hours of the morning, Youtuber, DALLMYD reached one million subscribers! This is huge news for not only the YouTube world, but also the angling world. DALLMYD has been making videos for about three years now. He started off making gaming videos but recently, he has been making more vlogs about diving in rivers looking for what some may believe to be junk but for him, it’s more, it’s treasure. He finds hundred of lures at the bottom of rivers, sometimes he finds sunglasses, cameras, cellphones and recently he found a handgun. The video where he finds a gun has over 5 million views and has sparked rapid growth for his channel. Over the past few weeks he has gained hundreds of thousands of subs. 

After years of hard work he reached his dream of one million subscribers yesterday. This means he now has more subscribers than Delaware has people. I think his channel is the perfect story of how a “product” can evolve and flourish, and how if you work hard and put all you’ve got into something you can achieve all you want! I know a bunch of our readers have YouTube channels, you should look at this as an example of being recognized for being different, and creative.
A few of his best videos: 

1 Million Reaction
Found 3 GoPros, Knives and a Gun
Found Possible Murder Weapon
Searching For River Treasure
Found a Working IPhone In The River


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