The first time I touched a fly rod was in the summer of 2013. Amazingly, this took place in Scotland. I was staying with some relatives who owned a farm. On that farm they had a pond that had been stocked with rainbow trout. One day on the trip we decided to try out fly fishing because a guy who knew how to fly fish was down at the pond. My dad and I went down and asked him if he could teach us. I remember the pond had a bunch of tall grass all along the perimeter. We didn’t have any waders so we were forced to Fish from shore. The grass made it quite difficult for us beginners to fly fish without getting everything tangled. I remember it being quite frustrating I was thinking that spinning reels were much more fun to fish with. That was until I saw the experienced fly fisherman catch a nice rainbow trout. My dad and I didn’t catch anything but we still had a good time. I didn’t get to go fly fishing again until this June in New York. Overall, I was very lucky to have kicked off my passion in such a beautiful country.