Looking Back on 2016

Globally, 2016 was not a good year. Locally, here on our site, it was a pretty great year! We started 2016 as a small website with a few hundred total views and ended it with almost 11000 total views. We have grown immensely, a few months ago we only had around 400 views per month. Last month, in December, we hit 3600 views! We interviewed some great people in the fishing community. Drophook Fishing App, Bass Hole, Wish 4 Fish were all part of the reason 2016 was so amazing! I would like to thank Josh for writing some great articles throughout the year! My main goal for 2017 is to get 20000 views in one year. 

Looking forward to 2017 I plan to do more interviews, more Daily Anglers, and more content in general! Also, I have started a new Instagram page where we edit photos for anglers. It is called @gngediting which stands for Grip n Grin Editing. 2017 is going to be our second full year and is going to be our best year yet! Again, I would like to thank all who have helped and supported the blog, as well as anyone who has ever visited our site!


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