Fly Fishing Journal: Part Eight

My first fly fishing season has come and gone, I am happy with where I am. I have improved a lot since the beginning of summer! This journal is about what I will be doing during the winter to prepare for next year. First I will need to change the leader on my fly line. It was getting short because I had to keep cutting out tangles. I will also need to make a gear change. I need a new rod, I’ve decided that I should probably retire my great grandfather’s 100 year old rod. I wouldn’t want it to get damaged so I have decided that it would be best to keep the old rod at home and buy a new one for on the water. I was thinking of a St. Croix Rio Santo because it is affordable, and from what I’ve heard St. Croix is a pretty good rod maker. I will probably buy a few flies as well. I need to research new spots near my house to fly fish for trout! I will continue my journals throughout the winter and keep you guys posted on my progress!



  1. During the winter months i enjoy taking my fly rod to our local ball park to practice my casting at an empty ice cream bucket. Arrange to meet buddy’s there for some friendly completion and swap fishing stories


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