Interviewing Bass Hole

Bass Hole is a great Youtuber who consistently puts up informational videos on just about any fishing related subject! Bass Hole is one of the best YouTube channels for anyone who likes bass fishing. 

Q: What made you start making videos about fishing? 

A: I wanted to share things I learned and document some of my experiences. One of my first videos titled Poor Man’s Kayak Modifications which by the way has over 150,000 views in just one year. This vid took life because I wanted to get off of the shore lines and on the water. So, when I bought my Viper 10.4 from Menards hardware store I took to YouTube to watch modification videos. I probably watched well over 100 vids, some many times and I said to myself “I wish there was a video with all the basic mods” so I made one.
Q: What is your favourite part of being a fishing youtuber? 
A: The interaction with people that share the same passion for fishing. It puts a huge smile on my face when someone leaves a comment thanking me for making my video and that it helped them.

Q: If you weren’t a fisherman would you still have a YouTube channel? 
A: That’s a tough one, I’ve always made family videos and stuff like that so I would say yes. However, it would be just for family and close friends to view.

Q: What advice would you give anyone who is thinking about starting a channel? 
A: You get what you put in. If you want to be serious about it, be prepared to put some time in. Editing can be the most time consuming part. Pre-prepare as much material as you can, like intros and outros this saves on editing time. Also, put your channel out there, talk about it, invite people to check out your videos. Post the actual link to your channel or whatever video you want people to watch. If you don’t leave the link, most of the time people won’t check it out. Make it as easy as you can for people to get there.

Q: What are some of your future goals concerning your channel? 
A: This was my first year of taking it seriously. So, when the open water season is over, I’m going to evaluate everything I’ve done this year. When that’s all done, I will come up with some more in depth goals. However, one goal I know right now is that I want to be more informative about what I’m using while fishing in my videos.

Q: What is your favorite fish to catch? 
A: Hands down a largemouth bass. I am a multi species fisherman but I’ve become much more of a bass fisherman over the years.

Q: What is your best fishing story?
A: I have so many, I’ve been fishing forever. But here’s one that helped make fishing a way of life for me. I was about 10 years old. My dads buddy was a big fisherman and heard that I was tooling around with it a bit. So he asked if we would like to go pan fishing we accepted the invite. He took us to Loon Lake in Antioch Illinois and rented a boat. Got on the lake and slayed the gills. He set us up with bamboo rods and night crawlers. No reels, feel the bite rip ’em in put ’em in the basket. Next thing you know I get a 24 inch pike I was extremely excited. We put it in the basket and we were eating panfish and pike for dinner that night and I caught the biggest fish. We fished a little more, the bite started to slow down so we started to pack it up when we realized the basket was gone. This basket did not have a floating top, that was our dinner and my biggest fish to date. We rowed all over that lake for another couple hours. And the impossible happened, we found that basket. That day was going to be a story regardless but that just gave it an awesome twist.

Q: How did you come up with the name Bass Hole? 
A: I didn’t come up with that name, my fishing buddy Erich Shauer pretty much gave it to me. I was slaying it one day shouting out fish on after fish on and he was having a rough outing and turned and looked at me and said “your such a Bass Hole” it took on a life in my YouTube channel and social media. Thank you for interview and as always, Fish On!


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