The Daily Angler

Welcome to the first instalment of the Daily Angler! Here’s how it works: just click the red headlines you would like to read about and it will take you directly to the site. 

Elite Series pro Terry Scroggins Shows How to Tie a Jig Skirt Using a Uni Knot 

This is a good informational video for any anglers looking to improve their knot tying skills. 

Tackle Warehouse Daily Deal
The deal of the day on Tackle Warehouse is a great one for fall bass!

For Everyone on the East Coast of Canada
Looks like PEI is going to get some more government funding for their commercial fishing industry. 

Ten New Binoculars Ranked and Rated

Great for any avid outdoorsman looking for new binoculars. 

Trouble in Gatineau?
Uh oh! Looks like the city of Gatineau is in a bit of trouble. 

The Guntersville Effect
This is for any fans of pro fishing and bassin’!


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