Setting The Hook on Drophook

In this interview we learn more about a great fishing app called Drophook. 

Q: First off, could you briefly explain to the readers what Drophook is all about?

A: What is Drophook all about? Simply Drophook is about connecting anglers and getting people out on the water. We started two years ago creating an app and ended up with something way more valuable… A Community of like minded anglers of every kind.
Q: Is there a special meaning behind Drophook?
A: The meaning and intent behind Drophook is to create a place where anglers can go to be immersed in fishing. Where anglers can share their catches while logging vital back end details to over time from analytics to optimize their time on the water. Anglers can also choose to compete catches and create tournaments. With this type of mobile platform we hope to bring anglers together, get them engaging each other and ultimately drive them to get out and do more of what they love. Another focus of ours is to use Drophook to inspire the next generation of anglers to get more involved, to show them catching a fish outweighs catching a Pokemon 10 to 1. We have made sure to keep drophook 100% free and we have made it so that no pictures need to be taken in app to be used on Drophook. Everything can be uploaded later and most catch details are automatically populated using geolocation and time so you do not have to be stuck to your phone while fishing. If we are having our anglers glued to their phones while out on the water then we have failed.
Q: Currently how many users does Drophook have?
A: We have 3.5k users and climbing hourly
Q: With all of the other fishing apps on the market, what separates you guys from your competition? 
A: I believe we have a different approach and will be offering a platform that is unique from the other guys. No doubt there are some great fishing apps out there with very happy users but there are also anglers out there that are frustrated that they cannot find a fishing platform that suits them. A couple unique points for Drophook are 1. We do not like to think of ourselves as an app but rather as a community with a mobile platform 2. We will always be 100% free without trying to get you to drop 99c for this or subscribe for that. 3. We encompass and combine numerous features as opposed to just being a one use angling app. 4. We have built our platform on feedback directly from every user. Truly a platform for the angler, by the angler. 5. This is about as grassroots as it gets, no big money investments or corporate sponsorships. This is my wife, my team and I who have put our passion into creating this for the angling world. Haha if you work for Drophook you gotta love it because nobody here works for the money.
Q: When did you get the idea of starting your own app, and what caused it?
A: 2014 I was out fishing with a friend of mine in the Turks and Caicos after work and it was new territory for the both of us. We were out there not really knowing any spots or best baits to use so naturally having time to think. The cogs started to turn on how to optimize the short times I had to go fishing between work and sleep. The solution ended being a mobile platform where I could log my own catches and communicate with other anglers.
Q: With your application being relatively new where do you see it ending up in the future? i.e new features, new merch, new sponsors…etc.
A: The sky’s really the limit here and we don’t see a final destination as such but rather continuous evolvement with the times and needs of the angler. We want our community and platform to be the ultimate exchange of catches, knowledge and passion.
Q: Have you always wanted to be in the fishing industry? 
A: No in fact the thought had never even crossed my mind before 2015. However, I have a passion for being on the water so I became a professional Captain and once I got hooked on fishing the path was laid and the wheels set in motion.
Q: How long have you been fishing?
A: Being brought up around the water I have always fished, most of my memories of being a kid were either fishing off the local yacht club dock or up camping and fishing at the trout ponds in the hills. I really got hooked again in the last 5 or 6 years while fishing on long passages with my crew and guests. The excitement of the drag going off is contagious and I love watching even the most uninterested of people’s face light up as everyone shouts Fish On! It became an addiction.
Q: What is your favourite fish to catch? 
A: My favorite fishing is definitely Mahi catch and release on light tackle. Those guys do not like to stand still and I love the smash of the tail and the flash of color when they realize they are free again. I do normally keep one for the grill though just to show I’m not cross. I really want to get into Fly Fishing, I really feel that is the ultimate place to spend time in your own thoughts.


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