My latest outing on the river was pretty good I’d say. I caught one very small smallmouth but it felt good to know I caught an actual game fish on the fly. I was fishing the same river I fished in my last journal. This time, a week later, the water level had increased and since I didn’t have my chest waders, only hip waders I couldn’t go as far into the middle. This was a bit of a problem because I couldn’t overhand cast into the deeper water since there were trees and bushes behind me. At first this was a problem to me but I soon realized it was an opportunity. This was a perfect time to practise my roll cast. So that is what I did, I basically spent the whole time roll casting into the deeper water. I improved quite a bit, in that regard which made me grateful for the problem that arose. That is what fishing is all about making the best of unpredictable problems such as fluctuation in water levels.