This summer I wasn’t able to fish as much as I did last year but somehow I managed to catch around the same amount of fish thanks to the new senkos I bought in June. My only regret this year was only buying one pack of Gary Yamamoto Senkos and not a dozen or so. These baits WORK. By far the most successful bait in my tackle box. I caught Smallmouth, and I caught Largemouth. These worms made my summer. 
          I used Mustad weedless wacky rig hooks, which worked like a charm! The two fish catching machines worked in unison and helped catch me a ton of fish. I have tried other, cheaper, versions of senkos but these were definitely worth it. Next summer I plan to buy way more packs and crush it. The only problem is fishing is an ever changing sport but that is what makes it exciting. I forget the exact name for the colour but I think it was watermelon with a chartreuse tail. It is amazing that such a simple bait can be so effective. Overall, I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to catch good bass. The only problem is that they are disposable, I wish I could buy invincible senkos. Maybe one day…


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