Fly Fishing Journal Part Five

I caught my first fish on the fly!!! No it wasn’t big but at least it’s something. When I reeled it in I realized it wasn’t a bass, or a trout so I was surprised. I was using a relatively small dry fly, it was a terrestrial. The fish I caught turned out to be a North American Creek Chub. I was excited for two reasons, 1) it was my first fish on the fly 2) I had never caught a Chub so it was a new species to add to the list. I was fishing in a river near my cottage which supposedly has Brook Trout. The trout are probably there more in the fall. It would have been cool to catch a trout as my first fish but I think it’s neat that it was a chub because it’s unique. It was raining so that may have affected how the fish were biting. I couldn’t get a picture of the chub because my camera was at the other side of the creek unfortunately. I will always remember that chub even though I didn’t even get a picture because it was mmy first. Hopefully soon I will be able to go fly fishing again so I can expand my list of catches on the fly! 


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