Fly Fishing Journal Part Four

Alright so a couple weeks ago I went on vacation to Northern Ontario around the north shore of Lake Superior. I’ve got family up there so I was visiting them for a week and then I camped at Lake Superior Provincial Park for about four days. I did some regular fishing and some fly fishing. The first place I fly fished was a small creek where I had prior success with brook trout. This creek was quite narrow and deep so I couldn’t wade out, and my casting window was a bit limited. I did manage to get a nibble from a nice little brook trout but I couldn’t set the hook. I was a bit disappointed but I realized it was just part of the fly fishing learning curve. The next time I was able to fly fish was in Lake Superior Park in the Agawa River. The first day after we arrived at the campground we went down the highway to Agawa River. I threw on my waders and waded out into the rocky bottomed river flowing directly into Lake Superior 300 yards south of me. The average depth of the stretch I was wading in was about waist high but 40 yards away on the other side of the river was a bit deeper. I didn’t catch any fish but that was kind of expected, the brookies would have been out in the big lake. Hopefully I can get the opportunity to fish a river in the early fall when the brook trout are swimming up river to spawn. My cast has improved with these outings, now my fly doesn’t slap the water on my back cast as much. I’m probably going to go fly fishing a couple more times in August and maybe Labor Day weekend so I’ll have a few more of these journals left before my first summer of fly fishing is done.


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