Keeping Your Budget Afloat

Here is a list of ways to save money on fishing.

  1. Catch the Sales: A good way to save money is to search for sales online. The best sales to take advantage of are the sales on items that are more disposable such as soft plastics or line. Even if you already have soft plastics buy more than you need since you will eventually run out. These sales are good for long term savings because you won’t need to buy soft plastics for a while.
  2. Don’t Buy Cheap Line: This may sound counterintuitive but it is true. If you buy cheap line you will need to buy new line much more frequently compared to buying more expensive line. This too is a long term plan.
  3. Don’t Break the Bank on Wading Boots: If you are finding that wading boots are a bit pricey a good alternative is just buying cheap hiking boots. The neoprene socks attached to your waders are waterproof so you can basically where whatever shoes you want as long as they have good grip. I bought 43$ boots at Canadian Tire and they are working out quite well.
  4. Dry Out Your Tackle Boxes After a Trip: Doing this prevents rust. When  you put wet lures back in the moisture gets trapped inside and create oxidization of the hooks and other metal components which could potentially ruin a lure.
  5. Practise Your Knots: You need to have confidence in your knot tying skills because you depend on them to keep your lures on your line and not on the bottom of the lake. The most important knot is the improved clinch knot since it is the most commonly used for attaching leaders, and lure to your line. If you have a bad knot you will definitely lose a lure, and if you have my luck it will be your favourite one.
  6. Repair Your Own Soft Plastics: Here is a video by Basshole Fishon showing you how to repair your baits: 
  7. Release the Drag in Your Reel: After  you finish fishing be sure to release the drag in your reel. This releases tension in the spring making your reel last longer.

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