Fly Fishing Journal Part Three

Alright so last weekend I was camping in the Adirondack Region of New York and I was looking for places to do some fly fishing. I came across a small fly shop called Wiley’s Flies just outside Saranac Lake. I went in and asked the guy working there where I could go fishing he said the Au Sable River was a pretty popular destination for fly fishermen. He recommended some flies I should try and I bought a couple as well as some floating he had recommended. I went down to the river and it was in a beautiful spot just outside Keene. The river was pretty shallow but still deep enough for me to try my new waders. The waders held up and reached my expectations. I didn’t catch anything but I did see improvement in my technique. At first my fly hit the water on my back cast so to correct that I kept my wrist straight and lifted my arm a little bit. It seemed to work but I think I’m still doing something wrong because by the end my idea finger had a blister and my hand kept cramping up. I will have to research that before my next outing. Overall, it was an enjoyable trip, I didn’t snag my line on any trees, I got the hang of the basic casting motion, and I found a beautiful spot to fish. I will probably get some fly fishing in sometime in July as well so stay tuned for more journals to come.


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