What Makes a Good Fishing Photo

  1. Smile: Alright, this one is pretty obvious if not dumb but it’s still important. I’m sure everyone will be smiling when they catch a nice fish but it still belongs on the list. 
  2. Good Lighting: Obviously I don’t mean studio lighting because in this case nature is your studio. Since you can’t move the sun you have to adjust your angle so the sun is shining on you and your fish. 
  3. Nice Fish: This one is hard to control since you can’t choose which fish is in your photo. Luckily, most fish are aesthetically pleasing. You just have to hope your fish has nice colours and patterns. 
  4. Scenic Background: Most natural backgrounds are nice but a good background can make a photo that much better. If you are fishing from the shore you should always try to have the lake in the background. The background doesn’t matter too much if you are taking a close up of the fish. 
  5. Originality: This one is important if you are planning on posting the photo on social media such as, Reel Photo or Twitter because  on these platforms people are just scrolling through tons of photos of fish. You are going to want a photo that will stop people because it is different from the rest. Possible ideas are underwater photos, close-ups, and interesting camera angles. 
  6. Group Photo: These are my favourite fishing pics because they show how fun it is to fish with your friends and family. An awesome photo of a group is when all of the people with you have fish of their own and you are all holding them up proudly. 
  7. Action Shots: Some of the best fishing photos are the ones without any fish. Fly fishing in particular is a very photogenic sport. An action shot of a fly fisherman mid cast is what I call a money shot. It capture the beauty of everything outdoors, the river, the activity, and the elegance of a fly line. 

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