Interviewing a Youtuber

Q: What was the hardest part of starting up a new channel?

A:The hardest part about starting up a new Youtube Channel for me was getting everything under control. I am still struggling to find a system that I can produce videos in an orderly manner. It is kind of hard to find a groove, but I believe that when I find it, I should be able to get a grasp on my channel.
Q: Is it sometimes frustrating when you need to record for YouTube while fishing?

A: Yes, when im trying to deal with school and finals coming up it is hard to find time for the channel. That is why my upload schedule is so weird as of now. I am attempting to wait one more week until my school year is over. Then I will have plenty of vacations booked to make solid fishing videos. As of now I need to find a groove that works and stick with it.

Q: When and why did you start fishing?

A: I started fishing when my dad took me out the first time. He was always against harming animals and for him to bring me fishing was crazy. My brother and I both got new spin cast rods from Shakespeare the night before and that day we went out and caught a bunch of bluegill. I had a great time and from there on I was hooked.

Q: If you could choose your dream job what would it be?

A: My dream job is to be a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro. If I could, I would do it in a heartbeat. I know that a bunch of guys want to do the same thing, but with the right mindset I think I can achieve that. I really like the aspect of the sport since it is not all fishing. An angler needs to keep themselves composed under stress and has a very busy schedule. Being away from family, on the road a large portion of the year and tons of business work for sponsors and events are just a few of the struggles they deal with. I think about it and love every bit on the idea. No matter the struggle, the hard times, and the “lowest of lows” I feel the need to do what I love. This job is what I would love. That’s why as of now I am working my very hardest to compete at a quality level in bass fishing. My recent high school standings are a 4th and 1st place in my regular season tournaments. I went to sectionals and zeroed, it actually hit me today and every time I think about it, the wind gets knocked out of me, but even though I wont be fishing sectionals this year, I still have a classic to win for my school. Trust me when I say it I will stop at nothing to get to the top and take a win in nationals next year. I am not too worried about sponsors and for now, I can easily live without them. They are not even sitting in the back of my mind, as the more tournaments I win, the more will run to me…not the other way around. Plus I understand that I am the sponsor’s tool, not the game changing star that will keep their company alive, I am just a person who can promote a product I truly like. I think all this sets me apart, and when I get on fish my next tournament, I will be sure to keep my mind set on the goal, the Bassmaster Elite Series. I believe that with the work I am willing to put into what I want to do, nothing will stop me.

Q: What is your favourite fishing story?

A: I had to think about this one for a while, and honestly I have no favorite. I enjoy every fish I catch, yes there have been some great ones, but I don’t think one truly stands out more than another. If I had to pick one, it would have to be my first bass. I was with my brother when I was fishing a little spinnerbait across a log in a pond. I took a few casts and felt I had a big fish on. I began to heave the rod like I had a Tuna on and as I screamed to my brother that had walked away a few minutes prior that I had caught a fish I saw what I had been reeling in. It was a 1 and a half pound bass and it was the greatest thing ever. I had been trying to catch a bass for at least 6 months before that moment. When it finally came I knew that this was something special. I ended up catching two more that day and after some close call with losing that spinnerbait, I retired it and it hangs in my room to this day.   


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