Water clarity

Water clarity has a lot of how you select your color for baits and how you go upon rigging those baits for bass fishing.

Color is one of the greatest factors for bass fishing. It could mean winning a tournament versus not getting a bite all day. When the water is really clear you want to make sure to stay with natural colors, mainly greens, browns, white (shad), and reds (crawfish). When the water is stained but not muddy that’s when you should start throwing your blacks, purples, blues, and chartreuse. When the water is muddy  and the water clarity is only a couple inches that’s the time that calls for the contrasting and bright colors like; black/blue, chartreuse (again), hot pink, and white (again).

What type of line you use will play a great deal with water clarity. With clear water it’s obvious that you want to use a lighter test line and preferably fluorocarbon for its invisibility in water. With stained and muddy water you want to use heavy enough line where you can land the fish but not too heavy where the fish can see the line.

Bait selection is a big part of bass fishing with different clarities of water. In clear water you wanna fish more silent, natural presentation baits, like senkos, flukes, drop shots, and jigs. With stained water you want to use some baits that give off a little bit of noise or vibration like; spinnerbaits, square bills, and crank baits. Muddy water you want to use baits that get in cover easily or make a lot of sound and vibration like; flipping rigs, chatter baits, rattle traps, buzz baits, ands jigs (again).

Now next time you’re on the water hopefully you can make sure what to use dependent on the water clarity.


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