Make Sure You Do These Things Before Heading Out

It’s that time of year again! Pre-season preparation. It’s when you dust off the tackle box and finalize your strategy for the rapidly approaching season. This time of year can be seemingly slow if you don’t know what to do to prepare. Here are some tips to help you hopeful anglers prepare for this upcoming season: 

  1. Replace Your Old Line: Your line is like the muscle of all your gear. It needs to be in very good condition in order to withstand the force of a fighting fish. After a long winter your old line will get dry, and it will not be straight since it has been wrapped around a spool for six months. If you don’t want to change it at least take it out during the winter to keep it in good condition.
  2. Check On Your Reel: Make sure your reel is turning smoothly and that it is functional.  You don’t want to get out on the water and realize your reel is broken. If it is broken don’t just throw it away and buy a new one instead, grab a screwdriver and open it up to see if you can fix it.
  3. Make a List of Goals: I started doing this last season and it made the fishing even more exciting. Before you start fishing sit down and write down a quick list of goals. Some possible goals are to catch a certain number of fish, a certain number of species,  or an amount above a certain size. I will be writing an article showing my goals for the season soon!
  4. Make Sure You Have All of The Necessary Lures: Before checking on your tackle box make a lost of items you should need for the season and how many of each. This will keep you organized throughout the summer. After making this lost open up ur tackle box and see what you have and what you need. Check off the items you have and go out and buy the things you don’t.
  5. Plan Your Attack: In order to have a fun season you should plan a few spots that you want to fish. You can plan which lakes you want to go to as well as the location on said lake. It is fun to plan these things because when you finally get to go do them they are much more exciting since you have expectations and goals.
  6. Discover a New Techniques: The offseason is a great time to learn new techniques that you can apply in the upcoming summer. For example, I decided to learn about flyfishing this winter and I plan on practising over the summer. Flyfishing is a big project but you can chose smaller things such as a new rig to try, or fishing for a different species.

Hopefully theses six tasks can help you have your best season yet. 


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