Fly Fishing Journal Part One


I have recently acquired a fly fishing rod and reel and have never really fly fished before. I am depending on the power of the internet to teach me how it’s done. I have decided that writing a blog series about my experience would be interesting for me when I finish learning this great fishing technique to look back on my experience. Hopefully it will be interesting for you guys as well.

I wont be able to fly fish until late June but I will be able to start preparing for the season now. I have added the backing, the line, and the leader to my reel and I am quite pleased with my knot tying even if it took me a few tries. Right now I am in the “try a knot” phase but hopefully soon I’ll be able to say I can “tie a knot”. My next step in prepping is to learn about the different casts such as roll cast, spey cast, and overhead cast. I won’t be able to practise them until June though so I am basically going to learn the theory and hope I can apply it this summer. There is a river near my cottage that I plan on fishing as well as rivers in up-state New York and the north shore of Lake Superior.

This little series will hopefully be a once every two week thing until the summer. During the summer I hope to have more frequent posts.


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