Best Youtube Channels for Fishing

  1. Hushin: This Youtube channel is great for both hunters and anglers. It has great videos of the guys going on fishing trips. Very professional looking videos and brand. Their name is original and smart.
  2. Facts of Fishing: Facts of Fishing is actually a tv show but they post their show on Youtube as well. I like this one because it has great video quality. They use underwater cameras, slow motion, and aerial shots to make their show look great.                      
  3. Wired 2 Fish: This website/Youtube channel is great if your looking for some short but informative videos on different lures, techniques, and species. They use a lot of underwater footage when talking about lures which I find very cool.                        
  4. InDepth Outdoors: This is a fishing and hunting channel, it is also a tv show so it is well produced. The videos are usually around 23 minutes long. They do various kinds of fishing such as ice fishing, pike fishing and walleye fishing. Overall, it is a pretty good show.
  5. Uncut Angling: Uncut Angling is a very cool channel, the guys make fishing videos but are very creative. My favourite video that they’ve made is one where they ice fish for Arctic Char using a drone. They are a good channel to subscribe to. Also, their videos are a perfect length at around 5-10 minutes.        

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