7 Simple Tips to Becoming a Better Angler

  1. Open your eyes: Look around at your environment, there will probably be a few visual cues that will help you know where to fish. Some cues include: docks, fallen trees, schools of baitfish, or a patch of lily pads. 
  2. If it’s not working out where you are find a new location on the lake.
  3. Pay close attention to  whats under the water: If you don’t have a fish finder then you chould be spending most of your time observing what goes under the water as it will help you learn the fish behaviour in your lake.
  4. If you have the chance, do a bit of pre-fish scouting: Before you plan on doing your fishing it is good to do a lap around your lake in your boat just to find the key spots that you want to fish. You can bring your rod with you but you should spend more time finding places you want to fish.
  5. Keep your tackle box organized: If your tackle box isn’t organized then you will just waste time trying to find that lure that you need.
  6. Don’t be afraid to change your lures if they aren’t working.
  7. Try to fish when the water is calm: It is much easier to see where the fish are when the water is flat and most transparent.

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