2016 Classic Predictions

     I am going to be making a trip to the Bassmaster Classic 2016 in March. This event is the biggest and most well known event in all of bass fishing. The 50 best anglers who qualify have three days to get to the top spot and win the greatest title in fishing, and take home the $300,000 first prize. The last few years have been dominated by questionable conditions on lakes that were harder to fish. I believe that this year’s Classic will fare different from the short past. Here are my predictions on the tournament.

     My first prediction is about who will win. I am doing fantasy so I will not specify any anglers, but I will show the basic traits they will need. Although last year’s tournament was won by a local, I believe that the tournament will go to someone with an open mind about what is going on around them. The angler will have to be able to get around the fact that every angler there has a specialty that they can use to win. Every one of them has special skill that will propel them to the top of the leaderboard depending on conditions. As long as they are able to keep fishing and nothing gets to their head, they will win. The locals are going to be trying too hard to replicate what they saw in practice and in years prior.

     My prediction for the weather is that it will be warm enough to not hold ice like last year. The Classic was moved back for sponsors and overall fishing benefit. This will keep the fishing spots open every day and we are bound to see the same spots recycled throughout the tournament. I also think that there wont be any rain to ruin the day like on Guntersville. The tournament is in a nice spot and at the best time of year to still make it feel like the Classic, very cold.

     I think that the big fish wont be caught as far onshore as everyone expects. The rockwalls will only be limit holders and the big fish will  be suspended off the banks and docks that sit in deeper water. It all depends on how high the water level will be in March. I have heard that the water levels will stay high after the rains it received, but it might have time to drop enough so that the fish are not in a prespawn mood yet. This one all depends on the water levels and temperature.

     My final guess is where Aaron Martens will finish. I respect him as an angler and I do not want to bash him in any way, but I feel that after his “relaxed” performance on Sturgeon Bay that he is not going to push to win. Sounds crazy right? I know that he is an outstanding angler and then some, but what he did to people relying on him to win a fantasy tournament is not as fair as it should have been. I sort of lost his trust after that tournament and his promise of coming back and fishing hard seems less of a reality. I still respect his skills as an angler and will definitely look forward to see if he can put up a better season than his “record breaking” season last year. Due to his incredible thinking skills and his days of studying tournaments, I believe he will make a decent paycheck in the Classic. I still think he will fail to make the top 15.

     Those are my predictions for the Classic. Some will definitely change as it draws nearer, and I hope my Aaron Martens prediction is wrong, but that is what I feel is going to happen. If you do use this for your fantasy, keep in mind that I have finished 106th out of 30,000. I have also finished in the 2,000 range so be careful what information you use.

     Thanks for reading and if you plan on attending the Classic and still have not booked a hotel, do not sit around and wait. I have one next to the weigh-in arena, and everything there is sold out so your best option is to get one between the launch site and the weigh-in as these places will have the least amount of booked rooms from what I have seen.


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