Timing is Everything 

     Fishing is fun any time of year, and any time of day, but sometimes you get extra lucky and get to witness perfect conditions. It only happens a few times a year depending on how frequently you fish. To me the perfect conditions are when the water is as flat as glass, the sun is shining down but not too bright, you are the only one on the lake and the only noise that you can hear is the sound of birds chirping and your reel spinning. This time usually occurs in the mornings and evenings.

     When the sun is shining and the water is still it is incredibly easy to see through the water even without polarized sunglasses. In clear water you can see about ten feet down if not more. This makes it really easy to sightfish. Sightfishing is one of the coolest ways to fish since you can see the fish go for your lure. When you can see so clearly under the water  it also minimizes the chances of snagging on a branch or rock. It is very picturesque when you are floating on a lake, you can see everything beneath you and everything ahead of you is like a mirror. The trees around the lake are turned upside down across the surface of the lake. This is the perfect time to turn to your topwater collection since the lure just inches its way along the surface. When all is calm it seems like the world has stopped just for you. Everything you do seems simpler and easier. Casting is easy, and so is life. 

     The calmness isn’t just visual, it is also auditory. When you can’t hear anything on the lake it makes for much better fishing conditions. When the lake is busy it is sometimes hard to relax, you have to worry about not fishing too close to anyone, it also makes the fish get spooked easily. Overall, the quieter the better when it comes to fishing. The best places to fish are the ones with as little human contact as possible. 

     The best time for fishing wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging that the fish need to be biting as well. Luckily, the times that fish bite is during the times that I described above, the morning and the evening. During these perfect times it is like the stars align, the fish are biting, the sun is shining, the water is calm, and the lake is quiet. 


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