The Woes of Winter

If you live in an area like Canada or anywhere else where fishing in a boat during the winter is made impossible by the freezing cold weather that turns the lakes into skating rinks then you know what it is like to live through the winter waiting for the ice to melt. Sure you can go ice fishing but it isn’t the same as sitting in a boat during the summer. I find the winters can be quite torturous on a fisherman. It’s a bit like the offseason for a very competitive athlete. You always think that next year will be better than the last. I try to plan how I am going to improve in the next summer. I think of what types of lures I want to use and different techniques that I want to try. To cure the winter blues I like to either watch fishing videos on youtube, clean and organize my tackle box, or tinker with my reel. For some reason I enjoy watching others fish a good fishing show that is online right now is called Pro vs. Joe it is a show that is hosted by a pro angler and every show he has a regular angler join him on a lake where the see who catches the first, most, and biggest fish. I also love organizing my tackle box, I like to make sure everything is in place for the upcoming season, and that all of my lures are clean and ready to go. Tinkering with your reel is always fun to do because not only is it cool to see the inner workings of your reel but you can also clean some of its components. Sometimes sand gets inside or dirt from the worm buckets. You can also temporarily cure those withdrawal symptoms buy going to a fishing store and buying new lures, or a reel. Often times you lose lures in the summer so the winter is a perfect time to replenish your collection. During the winter I am always thinking aboit fishing in the next summer.



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