The Dangers of the BC Fish Farms

Recently, I watched a very interesting documentary by Twyla Roscovich about the salmon farms in British Columbia. It was showing the negative affects that fish farms have on the wild salmon that swim through the same waterways as the farms. These “encampments” for fish are not very good environments for raising healthy fish. The fish that are kept in those farms are forced to live in dangerously close quarters. When any living organism is kept so concentrated they are bound to spread disease and bacteria. One of the main things that is spread throughout these open cages is sea lice. Sea lice are little lice that attach to the skin of salmon and feed on the mucous, and blood. They can be very dangerous for salmon since they can lead to skin deterioration, damage to the fins, and even death. These lice also carry diseases which can spread quickly through the salmon population. Infectious salmon anaemia or ISA is one of the most prominent diseases spread by sea lice. ISA leads to the salmon losing its appetite, irregular swimming, swollen stomachs, and eventually death. This disease can definitely affect a population. This documentary definitely brought to light these problems. The wild sockeye salmon population has been in a steady decline since these farms opened up. Recently, things have been getting better because there are less farms in that area so there are more wild fish than in previous years. I think the salmon farms in BC should be forced to take better care of their fish in order to keep the wild animals around them alive.



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