What Makes Fishing Fun

I have been reflecting lately on why we love fishing. I realized that when I talk about fishing with non-fishers they sometimes tell me that they don’t think they have the patience to sit on the water all day. I disagree with this assumption because when I am fishing I don’t look at it as patience. To be honest the time just flies by when I’m fishing. I think people think that fishing only entails leaving your lure in the water and waiting for a bite. This is one way to fish but most people these days either use crankbait, topwater, or spinnerbait all of which rely heavily on the retrieve. People just think fishing is all luck and that anyone can do it. This is not true because you need to know what type of lure to use and where to fish. When I fish I like to move around the lake a lot because I like to be where the fish are. None of the things that I just listed above are things that involve waiting for the fish to come to you. I think what makes fishing so fun is the anticipation that comes along with every cast you make. No matter what the conditions are you always think that there may be a possibility of catching “the big one” on every cast. I guess you could make the analogy of the lottery. When you play the lottery you always think to yourself that you might have the winning ticket and that your two dollar ticket might turn you into a millionaire. It is the same for fishing. Also, both fishing and the lottery drain the money out of your wallet pretty fast. The only difference between the two is that in fishing you can do things that increase your odds of catching fish so it doesn’t rely as heavily on luck.


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