Estimating the True Value of Fishing Gear

If you’re anything like me you value your fishing tackle more than anything. Sure you can calculate the price of your gear by looking at receipts or estimating how much it costs. Doing this will only tell you how much you paid for it all but not what you would have to be paid in order for you to give it all up. You can always buy new ones with the money you get but it wouldn’t be the same. In fact, I would rather lose a lure to a huge fish than just have someone pay me for it. At least if you lose it to a fish it means that you are actually using it. My tackle has sentimental value, each lure has a different story that goes along with it. For example, my first spinnerbait caught me my first pike or all of my Mepps spinners that caught me so many of the fish that I have caught over the years. These memories just add to the price of one of my lures. This theory isn’t just limited to lures though, it can be applied to anything fishing related. Such as, my Abu Garcia spinning reel that I got last year for my birthday. On my birthday I went out and used my brand new lure for the first time at a rather urban place from the shore where I didn’t expect to catch anything but I just wanted to try it out. Well contrary to my expectation I caught the biggest fish I have ever caught which was a massive muskie. These anecdotes are just proof that sentimental value actually means a lot when trying to put a price on your passion. I don’t think you need to be into fishing to understand this since it is the same for anyone’s passion. I would never actually sell my fishing supplies but this is just a hypothetical situation. In my opinion, in order for me to sell my things I would need to at least get double the price for everything but most things would be more.



  1. Very true indeed. When I purchased a new fishing rod my wife asked if if I was selling my old ones!!! Eh no was the simple answer I gave her. I wouldn’t dare voice what I was actually thinking.


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