Mepps is a french lure company that specializes in spinners. They are great for catching trout, bass, and panfish. According to, the company started in 1938 but was only recognized as a great lure in  in 1951 by a Wisconsin man named Todd Sheldon. He aquired a Mepps spinner through a World War 2 soldier who gave it to him after the war. This lure comes in all sorts of colours and sizes. The most popular type is the Mepps Aglia. This is a spinner that is renowned for catching trout. These lures flash in the sunlight which attracts fish. It also can attract trout because it looks like a large fly when it is reeled in since the spinner flares out. Mepps is a classic brand who haven’t changed very much since they were invented 78 years ago. They are also simple to use and are a reliable fish catching weapon.