Spinnerbait is made out of thin rubber strands that are attached to the top of the hook this is called a skirt. The spinner part of it is the spoon attached next to the hook. The purpose of the spoon is a few things 1) To disturb the water 2) To flash in the sunlight to attract fish 3) To create lift so the lure goes up towards the surface. These lures usually have large hooks because for it to be effective it needs a big skirt. They are meant to have a large profile to attract large fish. You can also get buzzbaits which are the same shape with a skirt and large hook except instead of a spoon they have a metal propeller that spins when it moves through the water to make a buzzing noise and create lift. These lures usually cost around 6$ a piece.

There are two main techniques that I use when fishing with this lure. The first is reeling it in and letting the skirt go streamlined and the spoon or propeller spin. This makes it look like a minnow. This technique makes the lure move near the surface, which is good for when fish are feeding up top. The evening and morning is probably the best time to use this technique. The second technique is dropping it directly down and slowly reeling it back in and taking pauses every few feet to let the skirt flare out and reel it back to the surface and drop it down again. This technique is good for when the fish are biting in the middle of the water column or lower.

Spinnerbait targets bass mostly. It is widely known as a bass fishing lure the large hook on this lure is great for the big bucket-like mouths on largemouth bass. It’s a good lure for fishing in the weeds for big bass since it has a big sturdy hook that won’t hang up on a clump of weeds like a treble hook would. These lures can also catch pike and muskie since they like big prey.

Spinnerbaits made with a bunch of variations such as type of blade, type of skirt and the amount of blades. There are three types of blade or spoon the first is the Colorado blade, which is closest to being circular. The second is the Indiana blade, which is narrower than the Colorado blade but has a rounded end like the Colorado blade. The third is called the willow leaf blade, is narrow, and has a pointed end. You can get more than one blade on your lure as well to make it look like a school of minnows you can also get more than one type of blade on a lure. The skirt of a spinnerbait is usually made of rubber strands but you can also get a skirt made of a feather.

This lure is meant to look like minnows as ar many of the other types of lure but this one also has a skirt that can attract fish as well. Fish are intrigued when the skirt flares up. It also uses the blades to create vibration in the water to get the fish’s attention.


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