Live Worms

Live worms are the most basic of fishing lures since all you need is a simple hook and a worm. You can catch a lot of fish with just those two simple objects. It is great for beginner fishermen because they don’t need to invest any money into lures and artificial baits when they can just go out into their garden and dig a hole and find worms themselves. Tip: If you have a composter, it is a great place to find the biggest live worms since it is almost 100% dirt, which worms love. You can also buy them at a store, which is also easy. Most stores that sell worms have a sign that says “vers” or “worms” depending on where you are in the country. You can also buy live leeches and live minnows. Some places you are not allowed to use live minnows because if they escape and start populating the lake it could really diminish the overall health of the lake since these minnows will be eating more food so there will be less food for other fish.

They are easy for beginner fishermen because they don’t require any special retrieve. This simply means that you won’t have to worry about how fast you reel it in or how deep it is under water. If you are just starting to fish it is a great lure, it is also a great lure for fishermen who have been fishing their entire life since it is so effective. A common technique with live worms is using a bobber so that the worm is suspended in the water and not lying on the ground at the bottom of the lake. Tip: If you put a live worm onto a spinner like a Mepps then it is still effective and if you lose a worm whether it is because of a fish or it just fell off you still have that spinner to attract fish on your retrieve.

A live worm will attract a large variety of fish including rock bass, sunfish, walleye, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and Trout. These are just the main species that go for worms but the versatile bait will get bites from most freshwater fish.

Fish get worms in the natural world when birds flying over the body of water drop their meal and it turns into a meal for a fish down below. Another possibility of how fish get a hold of worms is when it rains the worms come out of the ground and they might get washed down to the water’s edge. That could be a reason why fish supposedly bite better when it rains.


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