1. Daredevle Spoon
  2. Mepps Aglia
  3. Rapala Original Floater
  4. Topwater Frog
  5. Cotton Cordell Crankbait
  6. Rapala X-Rap Popper
  7. Mepps Syclopse
  8. Mepps Black Fury
  9. Berkley Powerbait
  10. Strike King Spinnerbait

The lures shown above are definitely not the only lures that work well they are just the most common and iconic ones. This list includes the classics with a few modern lures thrown in as well. The spinners by Mepps and the Daredevle spoon are definitely classic lures that have been catching fish for decades. The Rapala lures are a mix between classic and new innovation. These lures target an array of great fish including bass and pike.