Crankbait is an easy lure to use for any level of fisherman. When it first land in the water it floats and when you start reeling it in it dives down. It is able to dive down because it has a bill in front that forces the water over the bait to keep a downward pressure. It is easy to use because all you need to do is reel it in. You don’t need to twitch your rod or pause it. You can also get lipless crankbaits that don’t have the bill but they don’t float so they don’t need to dive down they just shake when you reel it in. These baits are usually made out of plastic. They are good for beginner fishermen because they don’t require as much patience that a worm or a soft plastic would since you cast more frequently. Also, if you are casting more frequently you improve your casting abilities so it is also good for practise. The crankbaits with bills can dive at different depths depending on the size of the bill. These lures are great for when nothing is biting the more stationary lures or the lures that don’t disturb the water that much. They wake the fish up it seems like.

This lure doesn’t really need a technique and it will still work. One thing to watch out for is the speed of the retrieve, if you go too slow it won’t wiggle as violently and if you go too fast it won’t shake properly either. It is good for beginners but it is also one of the most effective lures for bass fishing.

Crankbait targets mainly largemouth and smallmouth bass. You can also catch rock bass on it. You can catch bass on it so well because they like lures that move relatively quickly and lures that disturb the water. Crankbait does both of these things very well.

Crankbaits are getting better and better every day. One thing that designers are doing is making them more realistic, for example, they are making them so that they look like krill or a school of minnows. Also, they are making them with unique colour patterns and different body shapes. To make fish notice crankbaits sometimes lure companies put tiny balls inside of the lure to make it make a rattling sound when it shakes through the water.

These lures are meant to look like minnows mostly but can also look like crayfish or frogs. Fish go for these lures because of how they move in the water more than what they actually look like so it isn’t exactly the most important thing to worry about when fishing with crankbait.


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