In-Line Spinners

In-line spinners are lures that can spin when reeled in. They spin to create flashes of light, which attracts fish like trout and bass. Mepps make the best spinners. Mepps is a French company known for their spinners such as the Mepps Aglia, and Black Fury. They are the Rapala of spinners. They are great quality lures that are still made in France. Spinners are made of metal and can be painted many different colour patterns. The blade spins around a wire, which is attached to the hook. The hook is usually a treble hook. Sometimes spinners have little orange beads that are meant to look like salmon eggs, which fish like to feed on.

The technique for fishing with spinners is relatively simple all you have to do is reel it in. The point of a spinner is that it spins and when it spins, it attracts fish. To make it spin you just cast it out and reel it in at a medium speed. The faster you reel it in the closer the higher the lure gets in the water because the spinning gives it lift so if you think the fish are feeding on the top you would reel it in faster and if the fish are suspended in the water you would reel it in slower. Also, sometimes it helps to put either a live worm or an artificial worm on the treble hook to make it even more enticing.

These lures target bass, trout, muskie, and pike. They aren’t as effective for walleye because their eyes are sensitive to light so they don’t like the flashy metal that the lures are made of. Bass and pike, on the other hand, do like things that flash so spinners are quite effective for these species.

Spinners haven’t changed very much since Mepps made its first one in 1938 they still have a metal blade that spins when reeled in and they still have a treble hook. The colours have become more unique and vibrant and they have more things like feathers and more than one blade on one lure. The basic idea has stayed the same over the years though.

Spinners attract fish by reflecting the sunlight this is also what minnows do unintentionally when they turn quickly as if they have seen a predator in the water so that is why bass and pike are attracted to the flash of the light. They can also look like bugs on the surface of the water which attracts trout.


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