6 Freshwater Fish That Every Fisherman Needs To Catch Before They Die

  1. Brook Trout: These colourful fish are a must catch for anyone who enjoys fishing because they are one of the nicest looking fish in North America. They are often found in streams and swim upstream to spawn in the fall or late summer. Even if you catch a small one it is still a great fish to catch.
  2. Largemouth Bass: Largemouth bass are one of the most popular fish. They are fun to catch and they just look cool. They are the focus of many fishermen. They are a real trophy fish. These are one of the easiest fish on this list to catch. Most people have already caught this one but it still deserves to be put on this list.
  3. Muskellunge: “Muskie” are one of the biggest freshwater fish in North America. The only other fish that can compete with these fish size-wise are lake trout and sturgeon. They are a great catch because they are huge and have big teeth so they look really cool. It is important to use big lures, proper line and a strong rod since these fish are so big.
  4. Sturgeon: If you are looking for a different kind of fish to catch then the sturgeon is the fish for you! They are prehistoric fish that look almost alien. They have many ridges on their backs that are incredibly sharp. They have barbels and are bottom-feeders. They can be seen jumping high out of the water in the evening. They are definitely a great fish to catch.
  5. Rainbow Trout: Rainbow trout are on this list for many of the same reasons that brook trout are on the list. They are a very nice looking fish and they also taste great.
  6. Northern Pike: Pike are cool because of their teeth. They are quite scary looking and you wouldn’t want to stick your hand in one’s mouth. They also have cool markings on their bodies. These fish are strong fighters so they are fun to catch.



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